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Finders Keepers Blue Dress
February 28, 2016

Finders Keepers Blue Dress

Hey dolls!

I decided to relaunch my blog with a brand new look; I hope you like it!

I recently realised I get asked a lot about why I decided to start my blog and I think it all came down to believing in something that inspired me. I love photography, travelling, food and fashion of course but I wanted to create a blog where I could act as an influence to others as there are so many individuals who grow up comparing themselves to others, never feeling good enough. In a recent interview I did with I was asked what beauty means to me. I think most of us feel our most beautiful when we feel confident and comfortable. How we feel on the inside definitely exudes itself on the outside. To me that is what fashion is really all about: being able to be who we are, dress how we like and not giving a damn about what other people think.

My blog is a true reflection of my personal style, although my style frequently changes since I love experimenting with different looks. One thing I could say that I have learnt so far on my journey through fashion is to wear what you feel most comfortable in; after all, we should all feel comfortable in our own skin.

Diane Von Fürstenberg is a fashion icon and all round inspiration, to me she embodies ultimate girl power, she once said, ‘what’s important to me is to share, and being inspired and inspiring.’

With Mother’s day on 6th March I wanted to tell you a little about my biggest inspiration, my mum. She was definitely my first fashion icon and biggest encouragement in everything I did. She taught me life’s too short to care about what other people may think so we should all just ‘Live and Let Live’.

When I asked my mum what fashion meant to her she said, ‘Fashion is all about making life fun and helping people to feel beautiful about themselves and finding their own identity, let’s make the world beautiful together.’ My mum has been my greatest inspiration, she taught me never to exclude anyone, from the toilet cleaner to the king. She has really given me the boost I needed to start my blog.

Dress from Finders Keepers

Shoes from Public Desire

Photos by Rebecca Botin

Makeup by Alexandra Louise Cane

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