Autumn in Asos

Hey dolls, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful season that is Autumn / Fall. I always forget how truly beautiful the colours of Autumn are. And of course the fact that you have a chance to forget your summer bod and just cover up with an oversized jacket and black jeans. I am somewhat of a photo addict, as are many bloggers and photographers alike I’m sure, but when it comes to picturesque scenery or quaint little streets and coffee shops I’m slightly obsessed and sometimes have to stop myself from over posting pictures of nature before my Instagram turns into a wildlife blog.

One thing I wanted to share was that I have recently turned to fake tanning – yes I know it sounds bad – but honestly I’m a bit of perfectionist, or so I’m told, so when it comes to a tan I want it to look as naturel (french accent) as possible. Currently on my must-have list is Bondi Sands which I’ve been secretly obsessed with since it hit the UK, you can get it in Superdrug and it’s pretty reasonable. I use the foam one with a mitt and it’s simple enough, apart from doing your own back… make sure you have someone around willing to stick a mitt on and give a hand. The bonus is that it smells great! There’s nothing worse than that dodgy smell you can get from some fake tans which is why I never really considered using it before. Plus it takes a bit of practice, like most things.

For some reason being tanned just makes you feel so much better in your own skin, and I decided that I need to stop the sunbeds and start looking after my skin. Fake tan is the way forward, until summer is here again. Definitely try it if you haven’t already.

I recently bought these glasses from Asos and I’m obsessed, I wear them all the time and they go with pretty much any outfit. In Autumn accessories can make an outfit: hats, gloves, glasses, jewellery. Because, I don’t know about you, but I will definitely not be wearing anything remotely skimpy because the cold and I just don’t mix. It’s oversized coats and lots of layers for me. I hope you like my photos, it was the only day there was a bit of sunlight last week so we definitely tried to make the most of it!

Hat – H&M

Glasses – Asos

Coat – Vintage Shop

Jeans – Topshop

Chocker – Miss Selfridge