Baker Boy Hat and Denim

Hey guys, It’s getting colder by the day and it’s becoming harder and harder to capture that light when taking photos. Sometimes I just wait for the clouds to clear before we begin to snap away. Thank goodness for filters! So you can probably tell that I’ve become slightly obsessed with my new glasses from Asos, as I wear them in basically all of my snapchat videos and any chance I get. I added another one to my current Asos addiction this week, this Baker Boy hat which I love. There’s so many different styles of it and colours so I went slightly mad shopping for them yesterday.

I couldn’t decide what jacket to wear since my new fave colour seems to be black until someone comes to rescue me from this cold and we go to Bali to live. Need some sun. I’m definitely embracing the proud to be pale look, I’m almost transparent. Def need a spray tan.

I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel, because I know a lot of you guys prefer watching videos but wanted your opinions on which you prefer and why. Feel free to leave your comments below!

It’s only 5 weeks to christmas! I can’t wait I love christmas shopping when you’re wrapped up warm and drinking a hot chocolate. Can’t wait. Have you done much of your christmas shopping yet? I need inspiration. We have decided to put up our christmas tree tomorrow so add me on snapchat @cpidgley for updates of how it goes.

Have a great weekend dolls <3

Hat – Asos

Jacket – Calvin Klein

Glasses – Asos

Dress – Neon Rose

Boots – Office