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Roaccutane and Me

Hi Guys, I hope you’re having the best summer and enjoying it to the fullest! I wanted to do a quick post on Roaccutane. Which as boring and scary as it sounds is a miracle worker for any of you who have suffered with acne. I think I can say for the first time in my life I finally have clear skin, and even though It feels a bit awkward to talk about skin problems I feel it’s super important to share what I’ve learnt and I hope it’s helpful to anybody that has suffered or is currently in the same position I was in for a long time.


Acne is a huge confidence killer, especially when you want to work in the fashion industry; for me it didn’t matter how nice my clothes were or if I went to get my hair done perfectly, because when my skin broke out I just wanted to hide away and I couldn’t stand people staring at me. It was the classic story, girl has acne, girl gets bullied for acne, but now I feel like nothing can stop me (major cheese I know) and I wanted to pass this feeling on.


The reason I’m dedicating this post to a drug that can only be prescribed by the doctor is because I had no idea that there was a one time course that you take for 4-6months (depending on a few things that will be explained by the doctor) and your acne is cured forever. Yes, forever. It totally shocked me and I’m sorry to the ones reading this that are blessed with flawless baby skin but I just needed to get this off my chest.


On my journey to finding a solution I went everywhere and I mean literally everywhere; I know some people can have acne and it doesn’t affect their self esteem as much, we are all different after all, but I definitely wasn’t that person. The worse it got for me the more I became stressed and of course the more I stressed the worse it got. Nightmare. One place I went to a beauty clinic where I had a skin analysis, the girl I spoke to was so lovely and she also suffered from acne; after a while she had explained to me a few things I could do to help my acne but in the end she told me she felt she just had to live with hers because nothing had worked, not even the antibiotics prescribed by the doctors. I was devastated when I heard this and left feeling completely lost; a few of my family members convinced me to go to the doctor again and tell them the second dose of antibiotics I had tried weren’t working; the doctor finally decided to refer me to a dermatologist.

I went to the dermatologist and she decided to prescribe me Roaccutane and that’s where everything just got better. I asked her why there are so many people still who have acne if there is a cure and she told me that there are many reasons; some doctors don’t refer the patients to a dermatologist and only the dermatologist can give us roaccutane. No one should suffer in silence and I think that for whatever reason the girl I met at the clinic wasn’t told about roaccutane isn’t right, it shouldn’t be a secret. I think that everyone should at least have the chance to know about it, whether you choose it’s the right way for you or not.


I would say Roaccutane should be your last resort, but it is out there so don’t forget for those who, like me, have tried everything else from facials to doctors antibiotics. I’m not a doctor but it has literally changed my life and I know how scary it can be to go to the doctors sometimes; especially for your skin because you feel like you’re wasting the doctors time.


At the moment I am 3 months into my treatment. I take one pill a day (this dosage obviously depends on the individual) I recently went back to the dermitologist and she said that sometimes after the first month or so people come back saying they feel like their skin has become slightly worse but this is totally normal so don’t panic. That didn’t happen for me though so I’m quite lucky and after a while your skin will just begin to get better too.


I most certainly blame my dad for his terrible skin; thanks dad but then again he’s a good tanner so it’s not all that bad. I hope this is helpful and if you guys have any questions just let me know, I’ll try and answer as many questions as honestly as I can. I hope this has helped some of you <3

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