Hey guys, I wanted to share with you part of my detoxing routine. I’ve been using Slendertoxtea for a long time and I absolutely love their products and I’ve definitely seen and felt the difference with my body and energy. When I say detoxing, what I mean is my way of looking after my body and making sure I put all the best things inside, after all it may sound cliché but our bodies are a temple and we should look after them. What you eat and drink has such a major effect on your energy levels and since I started using the coconut protein shake I have really cut down on snacking. If you’re anything like me you want something quick and easy on the go.

A little bit about Slendertoxtea coconut shake:

All the protein shakes contain proven weight loss ingredients including Green Tea Extract, and L- Carnitine; an amino acid to help the body to produce energy & metabolise fat. And they taste delicious! I have only tried the coconut one so far but I love it and just ordered my vanilla shake for my next batch!






Another part of my daily detoxing routine also includes my Slendertoxtea Matcha Green Tea. If you’re a bit of a health junkie like me you’re constantly looking for new products to try. I love matcha green tea because it’s so easy to use and you can add it to just about anything; such as your morning coffee, smoothies, or even add it when your baking. It is totally organic and free from preservatives and I’ve become totally addicted, I can’t have my coffee without it anymore. They sell great little whisks in Ikea to mix it into your coffee properly and give it that great foam.

There are so many health benefits from matcha green tea, it helps increase your energy, fights against bacteria and viruses and also boosts your memory and concentration. I would definitely recommend trying it, if you haven’t already. Let me know how it goes and what you think!



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Photos by Samantha Orton